broadband cap

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broadband cap

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how can i get a one off top up to my monthly broadband cap?

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Re: broadband cap

by Staff nagler3 Staff
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Hi @shemac ,


  • From 26 March, until the end of June 2020, we’ll be removing the data cap for our Home Fixed Broadband customers who are not already on an unlimited plan. This includes Fibre, Ultrafast HFC, VDSL and ADSL. Due to network constraints, this excludes Rural Broadband and Wireless Broadband. Depending on how you check your data usage, it may stop increasing or continue to accumulate over this time. Please be assured that regardless of what you see, you won’t pay anything extra for it.
  • From 27 March until the end of June 2020 we are offering unlimited# data to our Rural Broadband customers in the low-peak time period from midnight to 9am. This will allow these customers to download Netflix or entertainment content at low-peak times ready for viewing the next day during high-peak.

For more see our website:


If you are interested in buying Flexi Data for your Wireless Broadband connection please follow the link below;





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