blocking wargaming

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Re: blocking wargaming

by DerekNorris Starter Poster
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is anyone from vodafone reading this thread,i alot of time and money into world of warships account.

Please fix this problem.

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Re: blocking wargaming

by parkinsonsjihad Starter Poster
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looks like we are back to square one...sigh

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Re: blocking wargaming

by Regular Poster LiamSullivan Regular Poster
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hi there sorry didn't notice the there'd was still going I have some great news I have felt with this before it looks like  someone has sent a fix so what happens is Vodafone goes wonk and marks wargaming as a bad domain and blocks it so you have to change your DNS to not go threw Vodafone so wargaming is marked safe and not bad here is an example of what I see when I go to the website and see will get back when I do more work on it thanks to everyone for there help ps I do not work for Vodafone I just deal with the fun circus h.png

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