Worst support ive encountered

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Worst support ive encountered

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So we've decided to upgrade our fiber to fiber max to get the faster speeds as we were paying more than the fiber mix for 50 down 10 up which in itself is absurd. 


Over the past week, I've rung 4-5 times asking as to why it still has not been activated. Firstly it was because the guy messed up the order, secondly, it was because we needed to install something for which the chorus people were sent around and they asked US what needed to be done as if the person asking to be upgraded is suppose to know what we need done?. i've given them my cell phone number and expected a call from all 3 but yet, i have never got any calls, texts or anything. "I will contact you when I get an update" is what i hear every single time,  I've never had such a difficult time in something to just change broadband speeds. Just about to move provider if it isn't fixed within the next week

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