Wireless Rural Broadband.... in the beginning it was great but now more like adsl1

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Wireless Rural Broadband.... in the beginning it was great but now more like adsl1

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Netflix- well the picture moves if its not buffering, no chance of HD let alone SD

File downloads- don't go there

Updates- take the evening off.


At 0400 in the morning speed test shows 18MBit down and about 6MBit up, would like this in the evening too please!!

Is Bandwidth being over sold in Loburn area??


A couple of weeks ago a card from Vodafone in the mail that there is a important firmware update for my modem to do with 4G.

Normally untill recently we get 4G anyway at least if we are not using the phone cause then it drops to 3G which seems pretty standard at present.

Anyways I follow the instructions but no update prompt, whatever I do, try again at different times over the past week in the hope it might popup, but no such joy. 


So yesterday decide to contact Vodafone and a helpful young man was going to sort it and send me an email with a 3 hour delay, with a download link for the firmware upgrade. It is now more than 24 hours later and still nothing. 


Over tpast 24 months or so our wireless broadband performance has diminished to the extent that I am now considering cancelling NetFlix and any file downloads and email/internet browsing I do at work. Unfortunatley some of my family members do not have that fallback option. Now with 2 teenagers at home on midterm break who are chomping at the bit because youtube is continually buffering. Should expect them to rearrange their lives to early morning so they can get their kicks on the internet?


I am hopefull that the firmware upgrade will resolve our issues, if we even get access to it that is.





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