WiFi dropping out on laptop

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WiFi dropping out on laptop

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Hi Can someone help with suggestions please?  My WiFi continually drops out to my laptop about daily usually whenever it "sleeps".  The laptop WiFi adaptor sees the router but will not connect to it, whereas two phones in the house stay connected always. To fix this I have to turn off the router and back on again which will allow the laptop to connnect. I have checked the settings of laptop and router and cannot see anything wrong and reset/rebooted everything numerous times without success. I havent changed anything either which makes me think it is the router misbehaving.  It is an old SHG1500 vodafone one, been thinking of upgrading to an UltraHub.



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Re: WiFi dropping out on laptop

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It sounds like the network card may be getting automatically switched off when the laptop goes into sleep mode. 


You could try checking the network adapter and unticking "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". For steps, try searching Google something along the lines of.. "WiFi not connecting after sleep". 





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Re: WiFi dropping out on laptop

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Thanks Michael

I had tried your suggested remedies without success along with a few i found on a Google search. Judging by the hits I got it is a widespread problem. I think you are correct saying the network card has gone to sleep and not able to be reactivated.  However, another

Windows 10 Update has occurred and it seems to have solved it for now.  Will update if it happens again


Cheers Geoff

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