Wi-Fi hacked constantly

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Wi-Fi hacked constantly

by SylvieEyminClaren Starter Poster
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Each time pages are opening without that I ask for them or touch the computer, cursor move, people seems to have access to computer to observe/spy what I am doing.

I am very unhappy...

Film on youtube freeze every 5 minutes...

I did set all the stuff WPA/... but it is all the same.

Mouse disappear/computer frozen I have to force close it before I can restat it,but how long is the question.

Many time I have to reset my password etc...And I did receive a threat email that I deposited at the police and my embassy from someone saying that they have accesss to my computer. But by telling what they are telling I think it is a scam while I am not looking at porn side, and they want to rancone me, sp this is blackmail.

I just want a clear functioning internet/Computer and have my space and peace.

Thanks for advices..

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Re: Wi-Fi hacked constantly

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thank you for your post and sorry about the issues you're suffering.

I would strongly recommend you get your computer looked at by an expert as it sounds like your machine, rather than your connection, has been compromised.


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