We are not new customes, but have been billed as such.

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We are not new customes, but have been billed as such.

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Hello~A couple of months of ago my husband and I moved house. We have been with Vodafone for a few years. We had asked them if we would have any extra charges for the move and we were assured that we would not as we were not changing our plan; they said we would be billed our regular monthly charge. Well, we just got our bill and we noticed that we have been charged as if we are new customers, we also have a new account number. We don't understand what isgoing on? I have tried to contact custome service, was then transferred to billing, was on hold for 30 minutes, then told after that that I was talking to the wrong department, I was transferred again and was told I had to wait an hour, I hung up. This is ridiculous. 


In my estimation, we should have only been billed for the normal monthly rate, not any thing extra, we are not new and have not changed plans. I don't know how to contact anyone as I am always on hold, or, when I try to "chat" I get a robot and given a number to call, it is a vicious circle.

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