Waiting to change Broadplan plan

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Waiting to change Broadplan plan

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Late January we recvied a flyer with an offer to change our current home fibre plan to the Ultimate Home Plan with free Neon for 12 months. On 5 February we rang to change to this offer. As of 26 March we are still waiting for the change to take effect.  I've contacted the call centre a couple of times and have got nowhere. Last call was on 19 March and after almost an hour on the phone and talking to three different people I still havent got an answer. At one point I was asked if  technician had been in contact to arrange the fibre connection - we have been on fibre for a couple of years!!! I was told that someone would contact me within 48 hours (from 19 March) with an update - still waiting for the call. Having recently switched power companys, which was seamless, hassle free and occured in a couple of weeks I can't understand why Vodafone cant switch our home plan?? I'm guessing it would be easier to switch broadplan provider (we have been a loyal customer for a long time) and now with having moved  to a web based email provider there really isnt any incentive, based on the current hassle of changing plans to stay with Vodafone. Fingers crossed for a "quick" solution via this message board as getting no where when I call. Very frustrating.

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