WIFI dropping out all the time

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WIFI dropping out all the time

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Ever since I signed up to fibre and had it installed, my wifi connection is crap. If I rang everytime it dropped out I would almost never get off the phone. I have been using the data on my cell phone more than I should due to the drop outs.


My laptop is currently less than 5cm away from my modem and still the videos I am trying to watch are buffering and pausing constantly.


Can you please help me to sort this out before I change providers

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Re: WIFI dropping out all the time

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Cabled connection to modem is OK though?

Wi-Fi - connecting over 2.4 or 5GHz band? 

Unfortunately, every house is different and so some experimentation will be required. I would start by connecting to modem and try changing channels the Wi-Fi is using - you may be getting interference on the current setting.




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