Vodafone smtp not working

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Vodafone smtp not working

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A friend phoned me for help as she discovered her emails are not being recieved.  Emails are sending as per normal in Outlook.


What appears to be happening is that Vodafone are accepting the emails for delivery.  But not sending them.


No point in phoning Vodafone to tell them or complain as their phone system goes into a black hole of canned music.


So if you have set as your smtp server, now is the time to set to another one.  

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Re: Vodafone smtp not working

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It's worse than that. Email forwarding seems to be offline too.


I've been trying to contact various email list servers, some dating back to 1995, to reset my address ahead of official shutdown. Some require a confirmation to my current address, likewise those where I cannot recall my password.

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