Vodafone please sort out your mistake on my internet bill

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Vodafone please sort out your mistake on my internet bill

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Hi Vodafone, 


My account number is : 14188855.  I signed up for a 12 month internet plan with Vodafone. The plan includes free installation, 3 month free internet, $50 prezz card, and free Vodafone TV, which is $94.99 and with a Vodafone mobile account, it should be $84.99 per month. When I received my very first bill that was last month, I was charged for the installation, so I called Vodafone, it was sorted with that bill. Now, I received my second bill, I’m charged with the internet and the Vodafone TV. I still haven’t received the 3 month free internet yet, not even talking about the $50 prezz card. I believe the person whoever signed me up with Vodafone, didn’t put me on the 12 month contract. I switched from Trustpower to Vodafone and I had to pay for the early termination fee, which is $200, which is fine with me, because your internet is fast. Now I’m not really getting a better deal by switching at all. I don’t really care about that Vodafone TV, or $50 prezz card or your 3 month free internet, I just want to pay for the normal bill, which should be $84.99 per month. 


Can someone from Vodafone fixed this for me, please !!!!! 




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