Vodafone landline not working

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Vodafone landline not working

by VanessaCaseley New Poster
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So.......December 2018 a guy knocks on my door offering fibre.  After discussing details I ask if it's possible to have my existing landline taken over to vodafone.  I was assured it was possible,  On 26 January 2019 the fibre was installed and the onternet connection was working immediately.  The technician said he would contact my existing provider and arrange for the number to move across to vodafone.  As at today I still do not have a landline.  I have spoken to dozens of employees, sent messages via email, phone calss and facebook messenger.  I have threatened to go to Fair Go.  I have refused to pay the landlne portion of my account.  I have begged them to resolve this situation.  I have been into the vodafone store at Tauriko (closest store to my home) and the assistant manager's response was 'our information shows it has been done and there is no reason from our end why it should not work'.  Yet here I am 5 months later with no loandline.  I asked for someone to come out to pyhsically check the hardware/set yup and was told I would have to pay for this.  We have tested every possible combination with telephone line, modem/hub and terminal, different telephones etc and still there is no dial tone on the landline.  Vodafone say there is because their 'system' says there is.  When calling the landline number you get a message saying service unavailable.  Pleeeeeeeeeee can anyone reading this shed some light.  I see many other people have had issues with landlines after installing fibre and wonder if mine is not a rare issue as vodafone have told me.  Thanks.

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Re: Vodafone landline not working

by Carolyn5Benham Starter Poster
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After 3 months my landline is working. I could make calls out, BUT, not receive them. 

My broadband and landline plan changed after I moved address.  Yes I had also been around the block with chat, online, txts, and calls. It's been a kind of continual loop de loop. 

I don't think many call people know the answers.  Maybe landlines are low priority.

However I got results very shortly after one call.    Also emails from him, 

Keep at them.

Now I have billing headaches, but that is another sphere.


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Re: Vodafone landline not working

by Staff turac Staff
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Hello! This is Charles from Technical Team. May you please sent me a private message with your Customer/Account Number that I may able to check it. Thank You!

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Re: Vodafone landline not working

by Carolyn5Benham Starter Poster
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Hi Charles,


Could you explain why I cant pay my bill online, as that used to be the case.  The advice is to pay manually, but paying by credit card isn't available  online...


Im hesitant to give you my account number for security reaons.  How do I private message you ...

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Re: Vodafone landline not working

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@Carolyn5BenhamClick on the user name!

Ex VodafoneNZ staff member 17+ years and if you want real help from real people check out
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