Vodafone claiming Chorus are no longer maintaining fixed line so must go to 4G (INCORRECT!)

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Vodafone claiming Chorus are no longer maintaining fixed line so must go to 4G (INCORRECT!)

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Recently a large box arrived from Vodafone.


This was not something I asked for so was a little surprised to find it contained a 4G wireless router and something about changing my present ADSL + POTS line to 4G.


I telephoned the number supplied and said I did _not_ ask for this, nor did I want it. The person stated that Chorus were no longer going to maintain the copper line, we would be cut off, and had no option but to use (Voda's) 4G.


This didn't ring true to me so I called Chorus, who confirmed they were NOT discontinuing copper line maintenance in our area (ChCh) and that what Voda had said was a fabrication.


I called Voda back and was emphatically told I needed to use their wireless, or I'd be cut off. This time at least they didn't claim it was Chorus' fault....


I've followed up and without much effort have found a couple of alternative suppliers that are happy to continue the ADSL + POTS service. At least one of them is significantly cheaper than Voda.


Having spent years persuading 'er indoors that Voda was the way to go (2017) I'm deeply unhappy this has happened, and that I appear to have been lied to (re Chorus). It also comes on top of increasing costs significantly above those of our previous supplier (Telecom) and other things that Voda didn't do as they claimed they would do at switchover (eg. static IP). This is the final straw (did I mention I'm _very_ grumpy?), and no doubt I'm going to have to take further flak inhouse re why we didn't stay with Telecom :-(


In closing I should mention that over the years I've been in a position to influence the choice a number of businesses and personal consumers have made around their communication requirements. For some years I've consistently considered (and so advised) Voda to be the better service, and as a result a number of clients have gone that way.


Latterly this view has taken some battering (I've no need to go into prior detail here, this is really about that final straw) and it's now reached a point where I can no longer sustain it.


Voda - I may be personally a small customer within your client base but I will be taking steps to convey this view to others within my business field (who are much larger clients) when an appropriate time comes up. FYI while I won't be letting my personal disappointment unduly influence my professional judgement it is a valid input - and particularly has an effect when you lie, and consistently don't perform as you say you will.


I'm sorry to also publically report this unhappiness, but I felt the wider community should know what Voda is saying, and that it's not true....







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