Vodafone Ultrafast HFC not so ultra fast

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Vodafone Ultrafast HFC not so ultra fast

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Signed up to Vodafone Ultrafast HFC about 4 months ago. Have been having trouble with buffering while streaming, so did several speed tests using Speedtest app on 3 separate devices (a mixture of LAN wired and Wi-Fi) at different times throughout the day, over a few days. Max speed obtained was 303mbps. Vodafone claims speeds of 700 - 900mbps. Whats the story, Vodafone? Less than half of what you are claiming! Is there a setting I can change to help this? Cheers

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Re: Vodafone Ultrafast HFC not so ultra fast

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@AndyFrancis  Only test over Ethernet the other issue I have seen a lot of is the actual PC's can't handle the actual internet speed


Also depends on where you re testing to what speedtest server

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