Vodafone Ultra Hub additional VLAN on WAN

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Vodafone Ultra Hub additional VLAN on WAN

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Hi there,


I have recently received a Vodafone Ultra Hub to replace my Huawei HG659. I have noticed some handy feature the HG659 has but the Ultra Hub does not. Just wondering if they are achievable or to be developed. Below is the list.


  • Add additional VLAN on the WAN connection. - Currently there is only one option of VLAN10 on the WAN Fibre interface for the Ultra Hub. I would like to know if there is a way to add one or more VLANs.
  • RIP routing protocol support. - The HG659 supports RIP. The Ultra Hub only supports static routing. Just wondering if there is a plan to implement RIP or other routing protocols?

Thank you.




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