Vodafone Ultra Hub, Limiting Upload Speed

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Vodafone Ultra Hub, Limiting Upload Speed

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I was wondering if there is any way to cap the upload speed that devices may use from the Vodafone Ultra Hub. I live in an area with very poor upload speed and if anyone on the network uploads a photo it disconnects everyone. I would like a way to limit the maximum upload that any one device can use at a time. 


Any help would be much appreciated



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Re: Vodafone Ultra Hub, Limiting Upload Speed

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it cant be done on the ultra hub.

You'd need to add another device into your home network to do it, eg

- a wifi extender for everyone to connect to whch has a speed limit function, or a parental control device like Disney Circle

- connect all your devices behind a managed network swtich which has speed limit option on the ports.


Either way it is a cost (maybe a couple of hundred dollars either way) and some IT help possibly.


Othewise it woulb be manual management like ensuring devices are not set to auto upload/backup or block devices at certain times during the day (the ultra hub can block devices)


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