VOIP - existing landline to address (different exchange area)

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VOIP - existing landline to address (different exchange area)

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Hi, everyone I have a landline number with the same address with the same provider for more than 15 years+, we are the first owner and the same number have been assigned with the same address from the very beginnig.


Recently, I put the number on hold (my provider called it "customerlink") for a few month while we were overseas. We have done it few times over the year, never have problem to reconnect.


Until recently, we come back and want to reconnect the phone again, and they said they cannot do so, cos the phone number and the address is in different exchange area! To be more specific, the landline number is now under papatoetoe exchange and the address is under east tamaki exchange. (They are not willing to give more information and said it's outside of what they can do)


long story short, so tired with my provider, they do not provide VOIP to residental customer, and not willing to help, apart from asking me to pay extra for redirect call to a new landline (per call!!), i think it's time to say goodbye.


So I called Vodafone and ask about their new broadband plan with VOIP over VDSL, and the sale person said there are 90% they can connect the number back to the address, and 10% don't. As I know, VOIP do not limited by the exchange area, so what's that 10% will be?


Also the sale person promised to send me more infomation about VOIP over VDSL, never heard back from him..(2days already)


make me wonder if I should go with Vodafone for this..


if anyone have experience and willing to share, please let me know.

if there are something I should beware of, please let me know too.




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