VDSL upload speed under .5Mbp/s

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VDSL upload speed under .5Mbp/s

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I've been with vodafone for a couple of years now and i'm getting quite tired of how bad our internet is.  Would it be possible to get some help with my VDSL connection.  under 1Mbp/s seems very slow for modern usage of the internet, streaming, photos, games etc.


I'll post up any information that'd be useful.


cheers for any help,


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Re: VDSL upload speed under .5Mbp/s

by Staff ChrisVF Staff
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Looks like you're right at the edge of the area served by your cabinet, so it may just be that you've got a long run of copper. Do your neighbours get similar speeds? Otherwise UFB is coming in December so may be time to switch then.

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