VDSL speeds extremely slow on new connection

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VDSL speeds extremely slow on new connection

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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with the speeds on my new VDSL connection (after having a port mismatch fault to start with!). I appreciate that I'm a reasonable distance from my nearest cabinet, although the attenuation stats don't seem that bad.


Could someone have a look at my account and see if there's something wrong in the setup? Ultrahub modem, stats as of last night:


DSL mode: ITU-T G.993.2_Annex_B (VDSL2)

Line coding: DMT

Link Power state: L0

Line Quality:

Current Rate: 6792kbps (downstream), 546kbps (upstream)

Maximum Rate: 6939kbps (downstream), 568kbps (upstream)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 9.4dB (downstream), 8.8dB (upstream)

Attenuation: 27.2, N/A, N/A dB (downstream), 25.5dB (upstream)

Power: 18.5 dBm downstream, 9.1 dBm (upstream)

Delay: 8 ms (downstream), 7 ms (upstream) 


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