VDSL connection gone?

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VDSL connection gone?

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Last night our VDSL connection just disconnected.  We have a D-Link Taipan AC3200 modem router.  Checking the lights on the router we had a green flashing DSL signal and red on internet connection light.


Router was turned off and on again, same result.


Called Vodafone, they confirmed the line was still active, they tested it and did a port refresh.  Turned router on again, still same result.


They took the model number of our router and said they were going to look in to it and call back, they never did.


We have logged in to the router, everything seems fine, apart from there is no DSL signal.


Does this mean our line has actually been disconnected?


We have Naked broadband, so no phone number associated with the line, but if a wired phone is plugged into the jack, should we hear some sort of noise to indicate the line is active?


We have an order in to move our services to another house on 21/12/18 so it is possible someone might have stuffed up and started the move early perhaps, although would think that Vodafone would be able to tell if the line was disconnected?



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