VDSL Plan Upgrade to UFB

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VDSL Plan Upgrade to UFB

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Hi there, 


We currently have no internet connection at our property and were hoping to get Fibre installed, but are not able to get Chorus to come out to do an inspection for over a month, with the instal occuring later again (we also cannot spare the time off work). 


VDSL is currently available to our property, and so my question is, if I sign up to a 24 month VDSL plan and we decide it is too slow later, will I be able to upgrade to fibre at no cost? Or will a termination fee apply?


What is the speed difference between your VDSL and fibre?



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Re: VDSL Plan Upgrade to UFB

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Hi @NJB94 - signing up to a contract and ending it early will most likely incur an early termination fee but there are some situations in which this can be waived, so it is worth discussing the various options for your situation with our Sales team. Technically speaking, there is a vast difference between VDSL and Fibre speeds, but how noticeable the difference is from a usability point of view really depends on the type of Internet user you are. As I said, chat with our Sales team, they will make sure you get a good deal. Smiley Happy

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