Upgrade of exchange

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Upgrade of exchange

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Good day, I am wanting some detail about the upgrade to the Hilderthorpe exchange so that the customers in this area can access a decent speed for their internet. We have been very patient over these last years and it is time that this exchange was bought into this century. We have businesses and a considerable number of farmers who would benefit from this exchange being bought up to capabilities of fibre or at least the level just below ( VDSL ) so that we can obtain the speeds others get that we pay the same price for.It is time this area was bought up to the level that has been rolled out for the town of Oamaru which is 9 kms away to its boundary and fibre. This is something that needs to be looked at sooner rather than later.

I am very sure that this upgrade will be a greater asset to the Vodafone network than not having it done.


Graeme newton.

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Re: Upgrade of exchange

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Hi @GraemeNewton


The exchange/cabinets as well as the copper network are owned by Chorus, so we don't have any details on possible upgrades. You would be best to keep an eye on this link or click here to find out if rural broadband is available in your area.




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