Unstable Internet connection in Lower Hutt

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Unstable Internet connection in Lower Hutt

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I am not sure what is happening with Vodafone's internet connection, I have noticed that it has been unstable from Saturday and until today, I am not sure if the problem is with Vodafone. I have noticed some of the internet webpages which I use, Twitter and Youtube is very slow at loading up and the internet itself, the connection is not very stable. I have noticed in some of the IOS and Android games that I play, King of Fighters all star by Netmarble, the connection can be unstable and cause the apps on my Ipad or Nokia 2.3 to crash.

I have performed resets on the router and modem and the problem is still persisting

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Re: Unstable Internet connection in Lower Hutt

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How is your Wifi? Is a cabled connection ok?

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