Ultra Hub firmware upgrade - July 2018

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Ultra Hub firmware upgrade - July 2018

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Hello all


The much-promised firmware release is here.


Download the Ultra Hub firmware update here.


Please follow the upgrade steps outlined in this FAQ.


Issues addressed include:

  • Modem password change retained
  • Attaching a printer & onscreen instructions
  • Showing correct number of connected Wi-Fi devices
  • Showing correct number of LAN-connected devices
  • Outbound calls - number of rings to answer
  • Auto wireless channel selection for Wi-Fi
  • Telephone ringing schedule
  • Wi-Fi schedule

I'll provide a detailed list as an addition to this post.






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Re: Ultra Hub firmware upgrade - July 2018

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As mentioned, here is the detailed list of updates included in the new firmware.


Service Feature Issue addressed and resolved
All   Some page load times are extremely long 4-5 sec - causing issues when selecting sub menus- causing usability issues
Broadband ADSL ADSL PPP dropping too often on poor quality ADSL line
GUI Device edit The GUI device edit function allows spaces, causing an issue when name used in other functions such as static IP
GUI Settings Page reset removes the local DNS server IP (
GUI Printer Can't attach printer and make it work properly
GUI Notification Notification advisory at top of pages when dongle is plugged in: "The UMTS SIM-Card PIN has changed" although no PIN & no change
Internet Mobile Page reset does not set the auto fail over back to default
LAN xBox / Stream dowloads Download throughput issue from servers using port 80
Overview page Wi-Fi Number of Wi-Fi connected devices shown on list not always accurate
Overview page Network Number of LAN-connected devices shown on list not always accurate
Remote GUI Access   Remote assistance now works over UMTS
Remote GUI Access   When remote access finishes and logs out the remote assistance switch on the target RGW does not switch back off
Status & Support Diagnostics When Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz switched off, when you run diagnostics it shows Wi-Fi failed , and both bands always show enabled
Status & Support Event Logs A persistent syslog is now available via TR69
System   Total LAN DHCP failure when using static IPs when there is a space in the associated device name
System Firmware The following parameters are reset back to default after a factory reset
Internet/DNS/secure DNS
Settings/LAN/host, DNS, domain
Telephony SIP Inbound calls drop after 6 rings
Telephony FXS When the customer does not have Caller ID (incoming) the time on some phone handsets are reset to 1/1/70 00:00
Telephony RTP VOIP RTP packets are not being prioritised on RGW locally upstream for ADSL, VDSL, LTE. However it is being prioritised on RGW over Ethernet WAN
Telephony SIP/Call wait 3rd party does not hear ringing when calling user on call with Call Waiting
UMTS  LAN VOIP SIP phone plugged into LAN working on UMTS 
UMTS failover   On mobile failover (v4 only) existing clients (dual v4&v6) have internet connectivity / browsing issues
WAN PPP PPP on ADSL should request the last known IP address
Wi-Fi Analyser The Lists now sorted according to RSSI
 - during analyser scan Wi-Fi is temporarily down for duration of scan
 - own ssid not shown on analyser
Wi-Fi Client monitoring Wi-Fi client monitoring selection not always showing all connected devices
Wi-Fi Analyser Rescan button does not refresh analyser , is adds to / appends the rescan to the current display
Wi-Fi Channel selection Auto wireless channel selection not working as it should 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Wi-Fi Schedule Setting the schedule to disable the Wi-Fi does not work - Wi-Fi stays on, can attach to it and get Internet access 
Wi-Fi   Wi-Fi died, and Wi-Fi web page missing
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