Two Phones, One Number on HG659

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Two Phones, One Number on HG659

by saxman72 New Poster
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Is it possible to connect two phones to the HG659, but using only the one phone number?  The HG659 has two phone inputs and the idea is to have one phone physically located next to the HG659 and connected to "phone 1" then another connected to "phone 2" via ethernet.


We are moving to Fibre and the ONT will be in one building, that requires a phone for health and safety reasons. The second phone will be located in another office connected via ethernet over a distance of 50+ metres.

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Re: Two Phones, One Number on HG659

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Some voip providers like 2Talk allow you to sign in to the same phone number from multiple devices. I had a landline phone number that was signed into in an app on two mobile phones and also on the home broadband modem, so when we had a call whoever picked up one of the three phones first answered the call.


So, each of the phone sockets on the back of the number are for signing into one voip number, but depending on the provider you might be able to sign into it twice like that from the one modem.


I don't think that's supported by the Vodafone voip service, so the short answer will probably be to buy a phone double plug like it's the '90s. Smiley Happy

These would do it -

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