Throttled Home Wireless Broadband?

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Throttled Home Wireless Broadband?

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Im on the Home Wireless Broadband 600GB connection. And im getting a constant download speed of 50mbs regardless of where the modem is placed. And regardless of if an external antenna is fitted.


I have direct line of sight to the cell tower (3km). No trees or building in the way at all.


Whilst i know 50mbs isnt bad. When i run a speed test using my mobile phone on the vodafone 4g network (Oneplus 5T) i will get approximately 100-120mbs in the same location.


So naturally i thought with a directional mimo antenna in the same location i should get at least the same speeds...


Any ideas?


Im leaning towards thinking the home broadband is throttled to 50mbs?

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Re: Throttled Home Wireless Broadband?

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yep it is limited on those connections

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