Terminating an account correctly...

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Terminating an account correctly...

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Needing to leaving the country, I terminated a Vodafone internet connection over the phone with a pleasant woman who arranged for a technician to come around and do whatever they needed to do on my moving out day.


Moving out day, I waited for this technician who didn't show and after a brief call, it turned out the technician hadn't been booked. Oh well, a bit annoying, but nothing too major.


Today, I've just been sent a bill for another month of internet despite my termination coming within the timeframe of the previous bill. Not sure what your Vodafone rep was doing when I rang them initially, because they don't appear to have done anything...

Could one of the Vodafone workers that trawl this community zone, please sort it out for me? I sure as heck ain't going to pay that bill, or even give you a call from the other side of the world.


Given that the previous time I terminated an internet connection with Vodafone, I got incorrectly billed for unreturned equipment, you're currently batting .000. Not a good look!

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Re: Terminating an account correctly...

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Hi @skelly500 - sorry about that! I can get someone to help you sort this out. Are you able to please send me a private message with your customer information and account number as well as contact info?

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