Switched to FibreMax, slow speeds

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Switched to FibreMax, slow speeds

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I recently switched to Vodafone Fibre Max and these are my speeds. Surely Wired should be faster than WiFi?!


I am using the standard Vodafone Ultra Hub


Wired (Vodafone TV on):

 wired vodafone tv on.png



Wired (Vodafone TV off):



 wired vodafone tv off.png



WiFi (Vodafone TV off):


wifi vodafone tv off.png


Wifi (Phone)



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Re: Switched to FibreMax, slow speeds

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wifi looks about right.

Seems your PC is the issue if Lan is slow but wifi isn;t Try only having one device connected over the wired lan and make sure the PC is not running other stuff as high load on it makes speedtest run slow

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