Static IP Costs??

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Static IP Costs??

by BenDeakin Starter Poster
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HI there guys,...




Pretty confused here,  I had enquired with Vodafone about the cost of a static IP address,... I have been given 3 prices,... firstly on chat I was advised it was $8.88+GST per month,  then I received an email stating the cost would be $20+GST  (it didn't say monthly or just one off,...)  so I googled it and pricing is $4.99 per month.... so I contacted them again via chat and they have advised it was $20 per month... which seems a bit expensive given Spark and a couple of others offer it for FREE.


I'm happy to pay $4.99 which also shows on but not $20p/m.... does anyone know exactly what the costs are?


Also we are moving from a VDSL connection to Fibre next month so can you have a Static IP address on Fibre,.. and if I was to order one now would that affect our Fibre Install in a couple of months?





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Re: Static IP Costs??

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Ben - did you manage to find an affordable static IP provider?

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