Smart Connect with Voice

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Smart Connect with Voice

by JW131 New Poster
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I have been offered Smart Connect with Voice to renew my Vf contract. I want to understand how this will affect my phone use. I know it wont work without power but I want to know if my existing cordless phones will still work at both ends of my house (ie both away from the modem).

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Re: Smart Connect with Voice

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Yes they should as I am sure it will come with ATA

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Re: Smart Connect with Voice

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Are your cordless phones a 2-set? IE one base station unit connects to the phone jack, and the other just a seperate charger


Basically, your new phone service will be delivered from phone port on the modem (You might be getting a new Vodafone Ultra Hub), so all that changes is you plug the phone into the phone port on the modem instead of the old telephone jack. You shouldn't really notice a difference.


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