Slow Rural Broadband - 2G/3G at best.

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Slow Rural Broadband - 2G/3G at best.

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Ok, so I have a rural broadband connection and it sucks. Since it was put in over a year ago we have never had a very good connection. When I ordered it I made an explicit request that we had to get a good 4G connection otherwise it's just not worth it. Doing a bit of investigation into the modem itself... and if I set it to antenna 1 & 2 it has no connection whatsoever. If I put it to 'internal' antenna I can get a 2G or weak 3G signal. We have an antenna on the top of the roof (2 storey house) so I don't understand why that's not working as everything seems to be plugged in fine. The upshot is we have paid for data that we have never used, so it's a bloody expensive telephone line. The telephone works most of the time, but you can tell when it's struggling with a weak 2G.


So questions are:


1/ How do I find out if I'm still locked into my contract and/or implications of changing to another supplier?

2/ I spoke with Vodafone today for almost 30mins only to be told that it's not worth getting a technician to look at this but just take the modem into a shop...really!? That's fine to check the modem's working I suppose but I don't think it will solve anything. 

3/ I also wanted to get my calls redirected (after say 6 rings) to my mobile. After waiting for 10mins and going through everything I was told that feature only works if you have a vodafone mobile...again, really!? This seems constructive at best.

3/ How much is it to just have a phone line without the data (and keep my number)?


Com on guys, I thought Vodafone was good at customer service?

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