SMTP settings

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SMTP settings

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I'm setting up a new printer and want to get scan-to-email working. I need to enter the SMTP server name, SMTP port, SMTP User ID and password. I don;t know what's requried here - is there a Vodafone SMTP server? I use Gmail for email so should I be using that? Any clues appreciated.

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Re: SMTP settings

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You can run it through Gmail. 


Enter the following settings:

Your Gmail email address
SMTP Server:
Port # 587
Enable SSL
Enable authentication – enter your Gmail address and password here.


Once you’ve completed the steps above you’ll need to be logged into your Gmail account, and google search “less secure apps” and make sure you activate this feature or the scans will not go through.


Also make sure you set the correct DNS server addresses on your printer.


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