Restricted internet service

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Restricted internet service

by rachw Starter Poster
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My internet got restricted due to fogetting to pay the bill. I have paid the bill today and am desperate for it to be back up and running so I can get my work done tonight.

Is there any way to lift restrcitions asap please?

I thought you could click something that says you have paid and service is returned to normal?

I was PMing vodafone on facebook and gave a screenshot of the account being paid but they stopped replying. Can you help please?


Feeling hopeful,

Thank you.


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Re: Restricted internet service

by merotpo15 Starter Poster
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Hi rachw, not sure why they stopped replying.. But calling the customer service is the fastest way. Payments usually take within 2 business days (specially internet banking payments) so the fatest way is to call them and tell them a reference of your payment and can only take within a few minutes- sometimes a few hours (agents will tell you within 24 hours).
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