Removing old Saturn cables

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Removing old Saturn cables

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There is an old Saturn connection which has been piped underground at my property in Mapuia, Wellington and I would like to get this removed as it is in the way for some renovation work I am doing. The connection was already in place when I purchased the property, as is a fibre connection, which is what I use for connectivity.  I have read on previous posts that simply cutting the cable will cause noise on the line for other customers. All of those comments were for overhead connections, if that makes any difference?


I tried phoning Vodafone, and to their credit, I didn't have to wait too long to get answered - but - as I am not a Vodafone customer and do not have an acount number there is nothing they could or would  do.


On previous posts Vodafone have stated that they read this board and will respond to requests on here if contact information is provided - so - here goes:


Name - <removed>

Phone - <removed>

Email- <removed>



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Re: Removing old Saturn cables

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Hi @MikeBradley 


I have removed your personal details from this post. This is a public forum so please do not post personal information in the forum.

Can you please click on my username and send me a private message with the relevant details and address? I can get this request looked in to for you.


Best Regards,

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