Really Vodafone????????

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Really Vodafone????????

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So one of my friends signed up to one of your fibre plans in October with sky included. 5 months later he is still on ADSL waiting for fibre installation, and the adsl speeds are very poor. He has rung up Vodafone many times and with one of the reps saying that fibre isn't even avaliable at his place which is false. I told him to ring you up and change to vdsl while waiting for fibre but, you guys want to charge him for that too???? He is getting really frustrated and soon he will file a complaint with the TCF. 

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Re: Really Vodafone????????

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2 separate things here.

1) Has your friend checked on his installation status:

2) If ADSL is poor, VDSL might not be the best upgrade depending on line status and distance from the exchange. A call to 0800 438 448 to get the ADSL line checked is the best first step.

I'm sorry for their frustration and the delays and will help to get things moving/resolved asap.



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Re: Really Vodafone????????

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1. Yes but it returns an error with the fibre account number

2. He lives >500m away from the local exchange in which i would suspect he would be getting around 18mbps, but he only has <6mbps to work with, with vdsl  at his distance i would see him getting ~40mbps

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