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Is it a common practice for a "Ninja" to ask a customer for their "Wireless" password.


After 5 weeks of being Faffed around by Vodafone, (afterall I only wanted to change my Broadband usage to save money.) I had to get another medical alarm because I had to change to VOIP to change my plan.If the powerfails VOIP does not work and neither will the alarm as there would be no phone line.   


One Ninja tells me that the copper network is being closed down in 2020 so we will put you on Fibre now.

Bloody great, no fibre in town and not likely to be until (approx) 2022.   Another correction made by a "Supervisor" is that the PSTN is closing  NOT the copper wire system.   (How are we to get ADSL and VOIP without copper I asked????)


Another Ninja tells me that there are 2 wires (1 pair) coming into my house. 1 wire for Broadband the other for the phone. What utter rubbish..... I worked in the telecommunication industry for 30 years.....


Yesterday my landline went dead (Disconnect tone)  another Idiot tells me that I will be without Landline for at least 72 hours.

Oh yes,  Vodafone decided to switch me over to VOIP.  When I asked to have this done I was told 7 to 10 working days and we will advise by e-mail. No e-mail no landline.   I rang, I bitched I asked to speak to a supervisor.... "They will ring you back within the next four hours"   I am still waiting.


Today I ring because nothing is happening.....   "There are technical Issues, you need to reset your modem"


I then get asked "What is the Password for your wireless modem?"  I was gobsmacked that a Vodafone Ninja would ask that.  I told him that I was NOT giving him my password as it had no bearing on the modem factory reset.  I dont think he was too impressed.  


At the beginning of the call I get a message that this call will be recorded.   It will be interesting to see if this recording is available.


Apart from that I have had a wonderful day (NOT) as Vodafone stuffed it up. 

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Re: Privacy

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My upgrade organised May 2, landline unringable from May 11, thats the only progress so far apart from the 2 hours wasted talking to Customer Service.

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Re: Phone Suspended

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This is the 5th day that no one can ring my home phone!
Seems totally unreasonable to me, and i've yet to see any "ninjas" available for chat either.

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