Power outages and voice over broadband phones

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Power outages and voice over broadband phones

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The information we've received about voice over broadband suggests we use a mobile when there's a power outage.  That will last for about a day (two days if we only use one of our mobiles at a time).  How do we keep in touch with the outside world after that? 

And - how long can cellphone towers continue to function on battery power?

We are over 70, live in a rural area and, in an emergency, our landline is our contact with family and emergency services.

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Re: Power outages and voice over broadband phones

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Hi @LawrenceEllenSommerville Welcome to the community Smiley Happy



While I can't answer how long the towers last on Battery Power I can say that often generators will be deployed to a site.


Hope this helps. Hopefully somone else can add more to this. I myself am curious to know.

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Re: Power outages and voice over broadband phones

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No two sites will have the same battery life situation. It Depends from site to site on a lot of factors

- Battery Age
- Battery capacity installed
- What technologies are deployed on the site (the more technologies deployed, the more load drawn from the batteries)

Generally speaking, batteries at sites can last between 3-12 hours.

We (obviously) actively monitor all elements of the network and act accordingly. In case of an power outages we will lock down technologies on the site, leaving just essential tech, to reduce the draw on the batteries and elongate the battery run time..

Note: some sites also have permanent generators deployed on site in case of power outages , also, we may deploy generators to sites (depending on the priority / importantance of the site)

Hope this helps.

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