Please don't stop email forwarding

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Please don't stop email forwarding

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Dear Vodafone


This morning I received an email saying you are going to stop forwarding my old emails. The email came from a no-reply email address so I'm reaching out on here.


You promised you'd keep it going as long as I'm still a customer, please don't reneg on that. I have slowly been converting things over, but some things, like facebook for instance, won't let me change unless I verify with my old email (and they usually don't get through). Every now and then the old emails get through and I manage to update an account.


Please don't cripple my internet accounts. I'll be devistated if you do. I've been a loyal customer for 20 years or so (including the ihug days) and spend over $350 a month with you. Please look after me.

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Re: Please don't stop email forwarding

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I agree.  I too, have been changing emails over but some places, like parts of the US Government, simply won't let me change my old address over.  And plenty of NZ companies have no central way for you to change an email address for all your business with them.  Surely keeping your word for customers that stayed with you counts for something???!

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