Phone plugged in to Ultra Hub but phone isn't working

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Phone plugged in to Ultra Hub but phone isn't working

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I have just changed over to the Ultra Hub from the HG659. 


When I went to plug my phone into Line 1, as per instruction, it didn't work. 


I then called the 0800 number and after a very lengthy discussion they could not resolve the issue, saying instead that they would have to get chorus in.


I then swapped back to the HG659 and my phone line worked perfectly. After reinstalling the Ultra Hub again, I managed to get three green lights going but the Phone light is Flashing Red with an engaged sound from the receiver. 


I know the issue is with the modem itself and looking at previous threads I am at a loss as to why they didn't want details of the modem.....


Can someone sort this please as I have gone without a phone line dor almost a day and am gwtting really F****d off with the mucking around that I have been getting...









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Re: Phone plugged in to Ultra Hub but phone isn't working

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Sounds like a simple case of the phone number is not provisioned to your new modem - especially if the internet works on the new modem.

All they need to do is link the phone to the new modem and set it to provision. They should know the new modem info to do that.

 You can log into the new modem using the details on the sticker and go into the phone menu and see if your phone number is loaded there.

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