Payment not credited onto my account since January 06/2020

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Payment not credited onto my account since January 06/2020

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I made a payment of $139.93 at the Vodafone store located inside the Shore City Mall in Takapuna on January 6th 2020. This payment has not been credited onto my account, even though I have submitted proof of payment in the form of receipts. I have also submitted 4 missing payment forms online with the receipts attached. 


The issues that I have with Vodafone NZ are:

1) Payments are going missing and are not being credited. This is probably due to having outdated payments and billing systems.

2) No one from Vodafone has had the professionalism nor the decency to give me a call or email to give me an update on the situation. 

3) There are major communication issues between staff relaying the correct information. There is no collective cooperation between the departments.

4) The customer service staff are incompetent with using their own systems to locate previous correspondence.

5)I have lost count on how many times numerous Vodafone members of staff have given me promises that they never fulfil.


This raises further questions on the system in place, the coherence of your policies and follow up times.


Why hasn't my case been resolved and sorted out? Why hasn't this situation been escalted to senior management?


I find this totally unacceptable!!

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