Paying broadband bill

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Paying broadband bill

by Leiritam672 Starter Poster
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Hi. I've been trying to find a way online to pay my broadband bill however, it seems no matter what I do verify my Vodafone accounts - broadband/landline or customer zone - it's not letting me log in. I've tried following other solutions answered on other threads but they don't help. If I may offer a suggestion for future customers, it would be very helpful if you could provide a direct link from the billing email to a site that is already logged on and ready for us customers to pay our bills instead of links to a million options that we still have to try and log on to. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Paying broadband bill

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Hi. Not sure why those payment methods are not working on you but I would recommend for you to call the contact centre to know if your account is under customerzone or My Vodafone App. Log in details for both differs and you can confirm the log in details with any representative. You can also set up an Automatic Payment or a Direct Debit. In Direct Debit, a form is available on the website. 😊
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Re: Paying broadband bill

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post and feedback. I'm happy to say we're working on something right now to make the whole process much easier - apologies we don't make it easy enough right now.

In order to pay online through Vodafone website, you'll need to login into My Vodafone or CustomerZone, depending on your broadband type. Or, of course, you can pay online through your bank, depends on your preference.



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