Paradise emails

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Paradise emails

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by ReneeBrook New Poster
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I am currently having my paradise emails forwarded to a gmail address. IF I wanted to change service providers is there a way to keep that forwarding continuing (ie pay a small fee??)? Or do I need to stay with Vodafone until I have sorted all the email address I want to change to my new email?

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Re: Paradise emails

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi @ReneeBrook



We will provide auto-forwarding to everyone for as long as they want it. This will be at no cost for Vodafone customers, and for the time being it is also at no cost for people who leave Vodafone.


If we look to review this position, and to introduce a charge for customers who have left us, we will give you three months’ notice.  


If you would like to see what we're able to offer please click here and fill out the form and our Plan Check teamwill be in touch.





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Re: Paradise emails

by Damienlee New Poster
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does this include people who just have a paradise account? and if so how do I request these emails to be auto-forwarded?


I tried to login to the website but it did not work. 


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