Ongoing overcharging and now bad credit rating too

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Ongoing overcharging and now bad credit rating too

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Hi there. 

I've made numerous calls (around 3 hours+ time spent on the phone) about the falsely advertised VSDL speed with my connection when I connected (still advised on vodafones site as such despite only ADSL being available, and been promised mulitlpe times for my pricing to be reduced because of it.


My bill still has an outstanding amount and the full / maximum price being charged, and further my credit rating has taken a hit now despite me paying the amounts promised to be charged.


I had one email response to which I replied again and never heard back...

I've called up twice since and both times requested an email back confirming what's the problem and why action is not being taken as promised but not emails and not changes......


Please advise and address.

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