Not getting FiberMax speed

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Not getting FiberMax speed

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I upgraded from 200MBPS fiber to FiberMax 950/450.


With the Ultrahub Modem Router I am only getting a max of 500Mbps via ethernet and 250 via internet.  I know that Ultrahub is rubbish so I upgraded it to an Asus RT-AC86U.  Now I am getting better wifi speeds at 440Mbps, however, my ethernet speed is still beeing capped at around 500Mbps.


I've called support and I've been passed and mucked around multiple times and this is getting frustrating. I've seen similar post where someone made a formal complaint and it all got sorted.


Can someone please help me with this issue.

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Re: Not getting FiberMax speed

by Senior Contributor MrMorm Senior Contributor
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The Asus and Ultra Hub both have 4x4 AC wifi. I've actually had faster from the Ultra hub 5Ghz wifi (809Mbit) compared to the Asus (720Mbuit). Ethernet is the same at 1Gbit. The Asus has way more features, but thats why it is a lot more expensive too. I cant really fault the wifi on the Ultra hub though, ands its ethernet is rock solid.


Im sure your fibre profile is on a 500Mbit plan and not a 1Gbit plan.

If you call the call centre, tell them to look in the Checkmate tool (this is the tool they use to look at chorus fibre) and it will tell them straight away. If it is 500Mbit, they can raise the request to get it fixed. Should be a 5min call. Once chours fix it, then the Chours ONtTwill need to be turned off for 10mins and then on again. Should be fine after that.

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