No IPv6 on FibreX

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No IPv6 on FibreX

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Hi @MikeHales


I was watching your post about IPv6 from a number of months ago that had details about the rollout, it's since been archived so can't ask a question in there.


I still don't have an IPv6 address on my FibreX connection in Wellington.  So on Saturday I called and spoke to Terry, he was great.  But he could not work out why I wasn't getting one, he even spoke to someone else (guessing part of the networks team?).   It was suggested the router (HG659) was the cause and it should be swapped, and to my surprise that could happen in a few days, to my disappointment someone had to come and do it for me...


Very interestingly the tech that arrived and unplugged the old one and plugged in a new Vodafone Ultra Hub.  Needless to say this has not fixed my problem - no IPv6 still.


The tech made a phone call, on speaker no less, and was told to get an address the server (DHCP?) needed to allow it and not all of them did, yet.


So my questions are:

has the IPv6 rollout finished, I got the impression from the other thread it was?  I really only care about FibreX in Wellington but sure other might care too?

why couldn't I have installed the new Vodafone Ultra Hub myself?  It seems silly in this day and age that someone needs to come and unplug the old router and plug in the new one, that is all he did.


Thank you in advance,


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Re: No IPv6 on FibreX

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That's odd. I'll check on the rollout, not finished as far as I know but I'm one degree removed from that info. Will also check on the IPV6.



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Re: No IPv6 on FibreX

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Hi @MikeHales and @wsfinest


Any update on this?


I have had two messages from @wsfinest, but nothing in the last 6 days.




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Re: No IPv6 on FibreX

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.. or in my case Fibre Max via Enable Fibre in Christchurch. IPv6 stopped when we converted from VDSL. Is there a rollout plan to fix this?



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