No Data Allowance Limit Warnings

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No Data Allowance Limit Warnings

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We've been loyal customers but have ended up super disappointed this month. The two most important emails from vodafone (you've reached 80% of hour data and you've had all your data) suspiciously went into our spam folder - when every other vodafone email goes into our focussed inbox. We've received emails about 2 minute surveys and our invoice not a problem. We find this off. Plus the "courtesy call" was from a private number while my partner was at work, no voicemail or txt so how was he supposed to know that's who it was (I only know because they rung me but wouldn't day why as apparently I'm not authorised on our account). I put two and two together. We're really upset as the only reason we've gone over the data as I've been home with a sick baby, and older child. If we had have got the warning emails we would've stopped using it as we can't afford to go over. I'd like to know of anyone else has experienced this lack of data allowance warning or just those particular emails going straight to spam? I'm hoping vodafone will remedy this, if not we'll be changing providers as from where we're sat it looks like a good way to get people to spend a fortune on extra data.
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Re: No Data Allowance Limit Warnings

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Hi @ambaaaaa


The emails we send are a courtesy, it's outside of our control if your email provider is putting the emails we send in to the spam folder. You can always track your usage by logging into My Vodafone website here or by the My Vodafone App if you have your mobile phone with us.  However click on my name and send me a private message with your account number and I'll see what I can do for you. 




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