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New Modem

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PATHETIC!!! thats all i can say. The sales team called me and gave deals if i re-sign a 12 month contract and that was a new fibre modem as the current old version keeps disconnecting every now and then. That was confirmed on 20th december 2017 and when like approx 20 days later no modem came up i called online only to be transferred around and finally got didconnected without being helped. then i chat with a vodafone ninja and i was assured that someone from the sales team will call me within 24hours and it like been 3 days i havent heard from anyone. when vodafone needs to seel products then they will call you and sweet talk with promotions but whwn it comes to deal with the fact and promises then you hardly will hear back from them. this is really disappointing. I thought going public will maybe make them pull up their socks and sort this **bleep** out. its soo freaking frustrating.

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