New ADSL/VDSL connection

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New ADSL/VDSL connection

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Hi there,

We have received a free upgrade fom ADSL to VDSL. A brand new modem came with it too - Thank You Vodafone!

So now the problem:

Our Internet speed is slower as it was with ADSL.

The internet connection seems to freeze about once per week. Streaming Netflix and other services, the picture is often in pixels. 

According to the speed test we have now with VDSL 20mbps download and 1mbps upload.

I am not sure but I am wondering if the new modem provided by vodafone can only handle 1 device at a time.

It seems that 2 devices slows down the internet speed by 80%. Our ADSL connection was much much better.

Also the wlan range is reduced by half i would say. Kind of weird isn't it?

Anybody got a solution for the problem?


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