Network connection failure

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Network connection failure

by bubbsea Starter Poster
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Anyone having trouble connecting to the Vodafone network?  A message I get "Ready to connect when network quality improves" is frustrating as it recurs frequently in between bouts of connectedness.  Frustrating but also puzzling is the message that I am "connected" sometimes with a "very strong" signal, yet receive a "no internet connection" message when immediately afterwards trying to connect to the internet

Calling the help centre is not the answer.  My attempts in this direction (three hours over the past week, excluding wait times) have resulted in reboots, resets, but no solution to the problems outlined above. So I'm concluding the answer must lie elsewhere, literally perhaps with another provider.

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Re: Network connection failure

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@bubbsea  You have posted under broadband and TV networks so zero idea how your post is related to this!


If you are speaking about mobile then have you tried your SIM card in another handset? Maybe the handset is faulty

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