Need assistance with pfSense on Fibre connection

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Need assistance with pfSense on Fibre connection

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I need some assistance with setting up a pfSense router (2.4.3) on a Vodafone Fibre connection.


I've done the initial build with 2X NIC interfaces, internal NIC is set up with static IP address, external WAN is set up to use a PPPoE connection (which includes VLAN10 tagging), but I'm not getting any joy, not sure what I'm missing.  The WAN link just indicates a down state.


Not sure about:


1.  Which credentials I should be using for the PPPoE authentication - according to Vodafone I can use anything, since authentication sits on the ONT level, but I've used my Vodafone login details that you access your account with on their site.


2.  VLAN tagging - don't know if there could be a problem with my setup, I've done VLAN10 tagging on my WAN interface, but not sure if there is something else required.


I would really appreciate some help with this - thanks.



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Re: Need assistance with pfSense on Fibre connection

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Hi @jake1980


To find out the settings you need to use please click here then click on 'Vodafone VDSL/Fibre/FibreX (cable) broadband settings'.





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